Bolti Kahaniyan: Dayi

In this new episode of Bolti Kahaniyan, Swati Kashyap narrates author Harish Mangal’s story—Beni Maa, translated in Hindi.

The main character of the story is Beni Maa, who not only sells mangoes but is also very skilled as a midwife. Her skills have saved the lives of women and children, but even so, she cannot stand as an equal amongst the villagers. Why?

Is one’s caste greater than one’s work? Which work is considered ‘high’ and which is considered ‘low’? If we hold doctors in such high regard, then why don’t we do the same for midwives who have years of experience taking care of both women and their children? Is it because of their gender or their caste?

This story by Harish Mangal raises many such questions. But before we answer them, listen to this episode.

Sadia Saeed is the Technical Head and Editorial Coordinator of The Third Eye.

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