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Swati from Patna loves to tell stories. These are tales from her city Patna in Bihar, conveyed to you with a dash of slapstick humour. She likes to ask difficult questions and sits with the discomfort long enough to be called ‘Patnewali’.

Episode 3
This episode is a sensory treat as we enter the market of Patna with Swati urf Patnawali. From market to home, this is the story of each household where some things are looked down upon and others put on a pedestal. As Patnawali asks with tongue in cheek, “What about things one gets from the market? Do you know who made what?”
Episode 2
In this episode, we meet 16 years old Sanskaranand who has opinions on ladies-log. He tries to explain and recommend to Patnawali that she should keep long hair. Tune in to find out what Patnawali said as she held him by his ears. In that way, is any city different from making a list of things for ladies-log?
Episode 1
Phulo Chachi is like every other nosy aunt who finds a help like Rinki who can show her the mirror. It is the mirror not only to her own world but many other worlds where Rinki co-exists as she criss-crosses the lanes of Patna, cleaning one room to the other.
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