Republishing guidelines

We believe in the free flow of information and therefore publish under a Creative Commons —Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license (CC-BY-SA 4.0). This means you can republish our articles online or in print for free, provided you follow these guidelines:

For print and online

  1. You must inform us about the republication prior to doing so. Please write to us at [email protected]
  2. You cannot edit our material, except to reflect changes in time, or editorial style, for instance, use of British or American spelling. If you do wish to make material edits, you will need to run them by the author for approval prior to publication. Authors can be contacted through The Third Eye at [email protected]
  3. You have to credit authors and their institutions, ideally in the byline.
  4. You have to credit The Third Eye and include a link back to our home page and the article URL . Please use this sentence – “This article was originally published on The Third Eye and can be viewed here.” (Our name “The Third Eye” must be hyperlinked to the homepage. The word ‘here’ must be hyperlinked to the article). We would prefer this to be at the top of the article.
  5. You cannot sell our material separately, but it’s OK to put our articles on pages with ads.
  6. You must use charts and graphs as they appear in the article; these cannot be edited as doing so risks altering what they are meant to convey.
  7. When republishing images, you have to give the photo credit as mentioned in the original piece. You may not modify the original images. You are welcome to omit our images or substitute them with your own.
  8. You cannot systematically republish all of our articles, nor frame the content of our websites.
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