Mentored Co-creation

The Third Eye has released four thematic editions, focussing on Work, Public Health, City, and Education respectively. In the City and Education editions, we invited writers, artists, and image-makers to join us on a journey of collaborative knowledge production, bringing in ideas and insights rooted in their lived experiences. Our aim has been to highlight ‘non-experts’ as knowers who hold the power to shape the narrative on different themes.

Both Travel Log and EduLog have been cohorts of 12 individuals mentored by The Third Eye team, to shape their ideas as creative productions for our ongoing editions. This mentorship is a paid engagement of about 3–4 months.

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The Travel Log programme mentored thirteen writers and image makers from across India’s bylanes, who reimagine the idea of the city through a feminist lens.

The EduLog mentored 11 writers and image-makers from India, Nepal and Bangladesh to remember their experience of education from a feminist lens.
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