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Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit

Stay Home, Stay Safe’ was a constant news ticker throughout the pandemic. However as several studies and reports highlighted, home is not the safe space for everyone. In this series, we talk to grassroots workers, bystanders, organisations engaged with work on gender based violence to understand what led to the increase in the cases and how is this violence shaped within the privy of homes and technology.

Episode 3
In Episode III of Stay Home, Kitna Surakhsit? we explore the role of the bystander - yes, people like you and me - in situations of gender based violence.
Episode 2
If more people are online, where does the violence go? Apparently, also online. In Episode 2 of Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit?, Madhuri meets Bishakha Datta of Point of View and Uttanshi Agarwal of One Future Collective, to try and make sense of our digital selves, transgressions of online identities, the public-private-corporate dance over our data.
Episode 1
Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit ? We have heard about the spike in violence at homes, during lockdown. In Ep. 01 of Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit? we meet Sangeeta Rege of CEHAT in Bombay and Rituparna Borah of Nazariya, as they take us through the response systems organizations have had to develop overnight, to help women and queer persons stuck at home with their oppressors.
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