Volume 003


Welcome to Our Imagination

October 2021
Volume 003 City
This edition brings together those that dream of cities, those who live in cities, and those who build cities. It carries a forensic interest in narratives that cities allow for, and also those it erases. It develops knowledge around lives exploring desire, and identity, self-determination and adventure, and the structures that make these explorations uncertain.

Latest Posts

Srija’s Mind Map is imagined by Devika Sundar, an artist who works with art as a restorative, meditative medium, to express collective themes of invisibility, illness, memory and impermanence within personal and shared human experience.
Acclaimed filmmaker Avijit Mukul Kishore leads The Third Eye’s flagship online curriculum called Filmy Shehar. In the two part masterclass on Queer, we look at diverse ways in which homosexual characters have been represented in Hindi films.
Acclaimed filmmaker Avijit Mukul Kishore, who is well known for his intimate portraits of people, places and changing urbanisms, leads The Third Eye’s flagship online curriculum called Filmy Shehar. Watch the third masterclass on Queer in Hindi films.
In this episode of Bolti Kahaniyan, Swati Kashyap narrates a transcreation of Maitri Pushpa's story ‘Tum Kiski Ho Binni?’. When Binni's mother becomes pregnant after having given birth to two girls, everyone believed that it would be a boy but instead, it was Binni. This is what happened next.   
On May 19, 2022, a bench of the Supreme Court of India issued a directive recognising sex work as a profession, wherein the practitioners of sex work shouldn’t be penalised, harassed, incarcerated or punished if they are consenting adults.
I learnt the verbal construction of grammatically correct English sentences for the first time in Class IV when my friends secretly chuckled at my mispronounced words. Until then, I hadn’t realised that my excessive knowledge of Tamil had done nothing to win them over. The convent school in my small town seemed to like my English; what happened along the way?
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