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Our special episodes are a deep dive into The Third Eye’s editorial. One episode addresses women’s labor, second one addresses the anxiety of living alone in the pandemic, another episode is a query on caste through the lens of privilege and yet others are fiction stories especially re-imagined for oral storytelling in the contemporary times.

Savarnas don’t know caste—the same way a fish does not know water. When you breathe, see, feel, and thrive within a system, it is difficult to notice it, let alone know it. How does a fish then know water? By starting to know itself, of course.
Meena, Annie and Nayantara–‘the three girls from St. Agnes'–feel that they rule the world. They are dancers, they light cities on fire travelling from festival to festival, they revel in each other, and oh that glory–friendships.
When going into the cinema turned into clicking through OTT platforms during the pandemic, we adapted to the 1920 x 1080 screen size and relegated the good ol' Talkies to nostalgia. But cinema is not only a medium for story-telling, is it? It also stands as a character, bearing witness to a changing city—who enters, who leaves mid-way, and who stays.
As the outside slowly opens up to life after the deadly second wave of the pandemic, the inside is still grappling with absence, loss, death, fear and loneliness. This episode we meet people who navigated, and continue to navigate these feelings on their own.
Kaam ya Aaraam? Is that a gendered question?
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