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Putting the Feminist in Learning

Volume 005 : Crime

Volume 005


What makes a crime, who is a criminal, and what in the hot white mess is a feminist way of looking at crime anyway? The background work on this edition involved a lot of old school study, and new school interpretations.

Where we look at how power plays out on the body – its subjectivity, control, agency and resistance.

Where we look at the interconnected structures of power such as law, state, religion, caste and class, language, marriage and family, through a feminist lens.
From feminist pedagogies to critical approaches, teaching strategies and learning methods, we look at pedagogy as a living, breathing organism shaping learners’ abilities to take constructive action.
Where feminist theory comes out to play, where the ism itself is gloriously complicated in the actual living of lives; radical, messy, round shapes in square holes.
The Caseworkers’ Dictionary of Violence introduces a vocabulary around gender-based violence (GBV) that emerges from the grassroots, from those at the frontlines, within a deeply Indian context.

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