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Putting the Feminist in Learning

Volume 004 Education

Volume 004


What happens when we put the two words, ‘feminist’ and ‘education’, together? What kind of walls shake? Which seams may open? What may tumble out?
The Caseworkers’ Dictionary of Violence introduces a vocabulary around gender-based violence (GBV) that emerges from the grassroots, from those at the frontlines, within a deeply Indian context.

Where we look at how power plays out on the body – its subjectivity, control, agency and resistance.

Where we look at the interconnected structures of power such as law, state, religion, caste and class, language, marriage and family, through a feminist lens.
From feminist pedagogies to critical approaches, teaching strategies and learning methods, we look at pedagogy as a living, breathing organism shaping learners’ abilities to take constructive action.
Where feminist theory comes out to play, where the ism itself is gloriously complicated in the actual living of lives; radical, messy, round shapes in square holes.

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  • Savarnas don’t know caste—the same way a fish does not know water. When you breathe, see, feel, and thrive within a system, it is difficult to notice it, let alone know it. How does a fish then know water? By starting to know itself, of course. When Rohan chooses this way to learn about caste,[...]

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