Where feminist theory comes out to play, where the ism itself is gloriously complicated in the actual living of lives; radical, messy, round shapes in square holes. We look at collectives, communities, protests, articulations of self and everyday, paying attention to seasons and emotions, finding the feminist cosmos in raindrops.

Let Me Try And Find You A Bed

“At 11 pm, a girl from Lucknow called for an oxygen bed for her relatives. I forwarded all the verified leads I had and was searching for more. She said a few numbers are switched off, or not working, or they don’t have beds anymore.

Life in Six

“Stay at home, stay safe. Just chill out at home, everyone told us,” murmur many young women in long distance phone calls, voice notes and Whatsapp messages, tenuous lines keeping us together during lockdown.

Suneeta Is Typing, Part 2

The Third Eye continues the landmark conversation between Pooja Pande and Suneeta Prajapati of Khabar Lahariya, on what it means to be a rural journalist.

suneeta is typing

Suneeta Is Typing, Part I

The Third Eye brings to you part I of a landmark conversation between Pooja Pande and Suneeta Prajapati of Khabar Lahariya…

rajam akka

Rajam Akka, Buzzcut

Beyond gender categories, there is the actual living of lives. Srija met Rajam Akka in a chance encounter at a construction site.

Homai Vyarawalla

Life in Ten

Sabeena Gadhioke, a filmmaker, writer, photographer and curator spent nine years with Homai Vyarawala, India’s first woman press photographer…

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