In Between Us/ Humare Beech Mein

A short documentary from The Third Eye’s Learning Lab contemplates caste and image making.

In Between Us/ Humare Beech Mein is a conversation between two women about making a film on caste. How do we film caste? What do we show? What do we hide? Who has access? Who refrains?

Shot on mobile phone cameras in western Uttar Pradesh, the film seeks to explore the personal positions of the two women, Rajkumari, a social activist from Lalitpur UP, and Ruchika, a documentary filmmaker and educator from New Delhi, within the stratified structure of caste. The film is edited by Gurleen Grewal and Ruchika Negi. 

Hamare Beech Mein is produced by Rough Edges.

The film emerged out of our Learning Lab which engages in collaborative creative processes with those who are not conventionally considered knowledge creators.

In Between Us is travelling in festival circuits and will be up on our portal very soon. Stay tuned!

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