Mera Chashma, Mere Rules

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Mera Chashma Mere Rules

In May 2022, through a contest “Mera Sapna” (My Dreams) the National Coalition Advocating for Adolescent Concerns (NCAAC) (May 2022) with Partners for Law in Development (PLD) as Convenor invited essays from girls aged 15–25 to be addressed to either the family/ community/ state, to gain insights into the institution they think can help fulfil their aspirations. Muskan, Shomya, Sahiba and Shubhangani were participants in the contest. PLD collaborated with The Third Eye to facilitate conversations with these girls which were then published as a podcast series.

The result of this collaboration is “Mera Chashma, Mere Rules”, a three-part podcast series that brings together the voices of adolescent girls who narrate and reflect on their experiences of desire, safety, and mental health.

Listen to the episodes below:

Mera Chashma, Mere Rules: Ep 1 Meri Surakshit Jagah Kahaan Hai?
Mera Chashma, Mere Rules: Ep 2 Main Kab Badi Huyi?
Mera Chashma, Mere Rules: Ep 3 Yeh Dil Deewana Bhi Aur Gussa Bhi

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