Where we look at how power plays out on the body – its subjectivity, control, agency and resistance. We look at the body as a site for nation building, as an object of desire and violence, as a location of identity, as a site where memory is inscribed, and where art and aesthetic rejoice.

Third Wheeling Bodyguards.

Achal Dodia has participated in the Travel Log programme with The Third Eye for its City Edition. He writes and draws from Vadodara, Gujarat. This comic is the first of a three part series on looking at spaces through a queer lens.

Illustrations by Iram Malik

I am a conspiracy theorist of my atiya body.

I am a conspiracy theorist of my atiya body by Kuumpiilei is the third step in the author’s Yaang-Huuk-Uun (YHU) project. It began in 2019 and started with the support of BangaloResidency-Expanded, an initiative of Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore. The author worked with the SouthEast Asian (SEA) community as a resident at Zentralwerk in Dresden.

How Momo Aunties Changed Delhi

At Dolma Aunty Momos, a shop selling momos in central Delhi, crowds of hungry customers push to the front for a plate of dumplings in a day cloaked by deep summer heat. The shop is named after Aunty Dolma, which is the fond nickname for Dolma Tsering, a Tibetan momo chef and vendor, also known around New Delhi as the city’s “first momo aunty”.

Sadness And The Breeze

In an unusual memoriam of the times we live in and the year gone by, Parvati Sharma wonders what our cities may feel, through a conversation between its two inhabitants: Sadness and Breeze.


All eyes were on you as you hopped on one leg, bending to pick up the piece of limestone or tile used to play the game. Hop, hop, hop. Maintain perfect balance, bend down, pick up, return to the starting point. Hop, hop, hop. Don’t fall down.

“Violence against women is a public health issue.”

Dr. Sanjida Arora is a doctor and public health researcher at the Mumbai-based Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT). Here, she talks about how public health systems can serve the public better if there was more reflection on gender biases and structural violence.

My Mother’s Hands

“My mom has been going to office since forever. The lockdown was the first time she was constantly with us at home.” Shivam found a 16 mm filter on Instagram and decided to make short videos of his mother at work.

Nine Long Months

Nine Long Months

What is the difference between a working womb, and a womb that goes to work? TTE in conversation with Surabhi Sharma about her documentary Can We See the Baby Bump Please?

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