Where we look at how power plays out on the body – its subjectivity, control, agency and resistance. We look at the body as a site for nation building, as an object of desire and violence, as a location of identity, as a site where memory is inscribed, and where art and aesthetic rejoice.

My Mother’s Hands

“My mom has been going to office since forever. The lockdown was the first time she was constantly with us at home.” Shivam found a 16 mm filter on Instagram and decided to make short videos of his mother at work.

Nine Long Months

Nine Long Months

What is the difference between a working womb, and a womb that goes to work? TTE in conversation with Surabhi Sharma about her documentary Can We See the Baby Bump Please?



The Third Eye introduces a new series inviting poets and artists to interpret each other’s worlds. Vijila Chirappad is a Dalit poet writing in Malayalam.

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