Digital Educators

The Third Eye Offline team has 24 digital educators working on ground across Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Jharkhand. From an intersection of age, gender and caste histories, the digital educators are deeply rooted within local forums and grassroots organizations that have extensive experience of engaging with communities.

The digital educators’ learning process is shaped through arts based pedagogical approaches, with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Tree of Knowledge

It was curiosity that led Ashraf Hussain and Ajfarul Sheikh to turn their steps towards their local madrasa, a place that they would pass by often, but had no occasion to enter.

In Between Us/ Humare Beech Mein

In Between Us/ Humare Beech Mein is a conversation between two women about making a film on caste. How do we film caste? What do we show? What do we hide? Who has access? Who refrains?

Gaping into the Void

When we started our discussions on crime at the Learning Lab, one thought lingered—if we commit a wrong against a person, that can be called a crime; but if our environment is being harmed, can that be classified as crime as well?

My Other Self is Plastic

One day, in the process of trying to understand the “digital”, Khushi observed that young Muslim girls around her would only show their hands in the Reels that they made and uploaded on social media.

फ se Field, श se Shiksha: Ep 10 Paise Chahiye Ki Nahi?

A young girl employs a clever strategy to get her family’s support for higher education. But she soon discovers that her father is one step ahead of her and thus unravels this love–hate relationship between a father and daughter.

फ se Field, श se Shiksha: Ep 9 Chhoti Bahu

“Chhoti Bahuuu! Arre o Chhoti Bahu!”—is all one hears in the house from dawn to the end of day. Once a mischievous student, Sundari wears many different hats at home, in public, and at work, but there’s one that wears her out.

फ se Field, श se Shiksha: Ep 6 Hera Pheri

All education and science is forgotten when a young, unmarried girl misses her period. As doctors, teachers, family members and friends intervene and interpret, conjectures are made and confusion and fear abound.

फ se Field, श se Shiksha: Ep 5 Bhoochaal

A (social) earthquake of epic proportions rocks Geeta’s colony. A girl in the neighbourhood has eloped with a boy from another caste. The aftershocks will now be felt in every other house in the area.

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