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Episode 1

Ekal In The City Ep 1: Khuda Haafiz

Khuda Hafiz
What does it mean to be a single woman, when it’s not in a metropolis? What are the experiences of being single, without the romanticisation of the urban? What is the nature of singlehood that may not yet be defined, but may be as rich as life itself?  

How single women make their homes and lives and loves in smaller towns and villages, is what we set out to document.

In the first episode of the series, we bring to you a conversation between two types of ‘singlehood’—a 25-year-old Madhuri from Delhi in the middle of her endless flat hunting, takes a train to partake a slice of ekal from 40-year-old Shabina in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. They roam the streets of Banda, a former gun town, and say things to each other that they may have only thought of before. What emerges is a tapestry of wonder and doubt, of curiosity and gumption, in an open-ended relationship of two single women with themselves, and their cities.


Madhuri revels in storytelling and uses it as a tool to create dialogues between different communities and generations of women. When she is not recording or taking interviews, she is at her Kahaniyon Ka Adda on YouTube, finding and documenting everyday acts of rebellion. As a learner and a practitioner from the field of humanities, she constantly pushes to critically examine structures around her till she finds a way to talk about it over a cup of coffee. Madhuri is the Podcast Producer for The Third Eye.
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