Volume 002: Public Health

A feminist investigation into India’s public health and its possible futures.

Grief Maps

T talks about the day the mosque across her house offered namaz for three deaths together, an unprecedented event that shook up her entire mohalla. S talks about her friend who lives down the lane, who is left orphaned after the recent passing of her mother.

“Violence against women is a public health issue.”

Dr. Sanjida Arora is a doctor and public health researcher at the Mumbai-based Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT). Here, she talks about how public health systems can serve the public better if there was more reflection on gender biases and structural violence.

Living On Your Own

Sp. Feature: Living On Your Own In The Pandemic

As the outside slowly opens up to life after the deadly second wave of the pandemic, the inside is still grappling with absence, loss, death, fear and loneliness. This episode we meet people who navigated, and continue to navigate these feelings on their own.

Let Me Try And Find You A Bed

“At 11 pm, a girl from Lucknow called for an oxygen bed for her relatives. I forwarded all the verified leads I had and was searching for more. She said a few numbers are switched off, or not working, or they don’t have beds anymore.

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