Coronavirus and Vaccination: All You Need To Know

After months of the pandemic induced lockdown, our lives are slowly coming back to normal—going out to work, meeting friends and relatives, shopping in stores. How has this become possible? 

An important factor has been the Covid vaccine. When the vaccine became available, even we did not know much about it. In fact, we did not even know much about this virus. Fever, cough, cold were not unknown ailments for us. So then, how was this virus different from other viruses? People had started talking about antibodies. What are those? Does the vaccine destroy or kill the virus? 

If you have had questions like this at any point, this video is for you. Do watch and share it with those around you. Credible scientific information is the most powerful tool in our fight against Covid. 

This is a PSA video by The Third Eye and Jamun Collective, produced as part of The Third Eye’s Public Health edition.

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