Why is Disability Not A Priority for the Public Health System in India?

A Health Activist Speaks

How has the public health system in India invisibilised people with disabilities and their needs? Even after 75 years of independence, why is disability not integrated as an important concern in public health policy?

Shriyuta is a dentist and a SEARCH fellow who works on the intersections of disability and public health. She takes us through the pitfalls of the ableist and medicalised approach that dominates all aspects of the health system. She also discusses what repercussions it has on the lives of people with disabilities.

Is deprivatisation of healthcare a step towards ensuring universal and affordable access? Or does it need to be supplemented by reforms in medical education?

Watch Shriyuta’s interview with The Third Eye to find out.

The Third Eye is being written and developed by a team of educators, documentary filmmakers, storytellers; people with extensive experience of gathering narratives, oral histories and developing contextual pedagogies for the rural and the marginalised.

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