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Episode 3

Ekal In The City Ep 3: Akele Aur Chalna Chahiye

Akele Aur Chalna Chahiye
In this episode, Virginia Woolf’s A Room Of One’s Own travels to the tehsil of Ajmer, Kekri in Rajasthan, and meets Annu, a 31-year-old woman who gives it her own meaning. What does this room look like today?

Annu talks about being ekal (single) in her room on a terrace, where she embarks on building a relationship with herself and her small town, more romantic and introspective than any other relationship she has been in.

Annu’s every day in this room, through the lens of a single woman, is poetic. She says ‘Ek hi kamre mein maine bahut jagah bana li hai (I have made a lot of space in my one room)’ and then takes us to multiple spaces she inhabits in a single day. What does it mean to have a space for yourself in the kasbah of Kekri?

Tune in as Annu takes us to her land—bhaavnagari—the city of feelings.

Artwork by Nandini Moitra

Sound track: Bhaavnagri by Anahita

Madhuri revels in storytelling and uses it as a tool to create dialogues between different communities and generations of women. When she is not recording or taking interviews, she is at her Kahaniyon Ka Adda on YouTube, finding and documenting everyday acts of rebellion. As a learner and a practitioner from the field of humanities, she constantly pushes to critically examine structures around her till she finds a way to talk about it over a cup of coffee. Madhuri is the Podcast Producer for The Third Eye.
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