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Episode 4

Ekal In The City Ep 4: Marathwada ki Ekal Mahila Sangathan

Marathwada Ekal Mahila Sangathan
We have been meeting single women in small-town and rural India in our Ekal podcast series. In Episode 4, we meet a collective of single women in Marathwada, Maharashtra. What happens when the singular turns into a collective?

The answers were manifold. Along with solidarity, sisterhood and revolution, the collective opened an ekal-hood that encompasses ideas of kaam (work), aaraam (rest), bandhuta (friendship), gyaan (knowledge), samadhan (resolution), astitva (existence) and adhikaar (rights).

In our fourth episode of ‘Ekal In The City’, meet the single women of Beed, Nanded, Tuljapur, Osmanabad, Shirgapur, Kaij and Ambajogai, who have helped us see various ways of being, and new imaginations of living.

We thank all the women of Ekal Mahila Sangathan who shared their stories with us, CORO from Mumbai who brought us together, our translator Vidya who helped us through the barrier of language and Sampada who lent her voice to a song from the film Kasav. This has truly been a collective effort.

Madhuri revels in storytelling and uses it as a tool to create dialogues between different communities and generations of women. When she is not recording or taking interviews, she is at her Kahaniyon Ka Adda on YouTube, finding and documenting everyday acts of rebellion. As a learner and a practitioner from the field of humanities, she constantly pushes to critically examine structures around her till she finds a way to talk about it over a cup of coffee. Madhuri is the Podcast Producer for The Third Eye.
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