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Episode 3

Mera Chashma, Mere Rules Ep 3: Yeh Dil Deewana Bhi Aur Gussa Bhi

ye dil deewana
When Muskan said “Hamare yahaan yeh sab chalta hi nahi hai” (These things aren’t allowed in our areas), we couldn’t help but notice that she said it for feeling love as well as anger. Shubhangani who had joined the zoom call from Kekri, Rajasthan chimed in by saying that she feels pushed around, like a football, by elders.

If there is no space to express and feel either love or anger, then what does the heart do? Listen to these adolescent voices as they tell us exactly as their heart feels.

‘Mera Chashma, Mere Rules’, a three-episode podcast produced by The Third Eye in collaboration with Partners for Law in Development (PLD), brought 4 girls—between the ages of 18–20, hailing from different religions, states (Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh), social and familial setups—to discuss the range of adolescent experiences which seldom become the subject of policy discussion.

Script and Production: Madhuri Adwani
Voices: Muskan, Sahiba, Shomya and Shubhangini
Facilitation: Kanika and Madhuri
Illustrations: Anupriya
Cover Image editing: Sadia Saeed

The grant for the project has been supported by UNFPA India. For more information see and

Madhuri revels in storytelling and uses it as a tool to create dialogues between different communities and generations of women. When she is not recording or taking interviews, she is at her Kahaniyon Ka Adda on YouTube, finding and documenting everyday acts of rebellion. As a learner and a practitioner from the field of humanities, she constantly pushes to critically examine structures around her till she finds a way to talk about it over a cup of coffee. Madhuri is the Podcast Producer for The Third Eye.
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