Nirantar Radio

Episode 04

Neha Dixit : What does crime reporting tell you about society?

The fourth episode features Neha Dixit who claims that journalists need their legs more than their brains. As she narrates experiences from sting operations and press releases, she demystifies investigative journalism and reveals how it’s not one mysterious tip but rather mundane legwork that breaks the biggest stories.

Neha Dixit is an Indian freelance journalist covering politics, gender, and social justice. She has been awarded over a dozen awards including the Chameli Devi Jain Award (2016) as well as CPJ International Press Freedom Award (2019). She also serves as visiting faculty for Media Studies at Ashoka University.

10 years ago, F-Rating was created to help classify films which are written or directed by one or more female film-makers, or feature complex female characters who contribute significantly to the story. But what if ‘feminist’ is not a noun but an adjective? What if the feminist lens lends itself to all practices and not only film-making? Nirantar Radio brings to you ‘F-Rated Interviews’ where The Third Eye team speaks to different practitioners about their practice – but with a feminist lens.

Artwork: Tavisha Singh

Read in Hindi.

Madhuri Adwani produces, records and edits narratives and sound pieces on Nirantar Radio. She also mentors and facilitates workshops as part of The Learning Lab where her core enquiry is ‘how do we write and tell our narratives’.

Juhi is a writer and a researcher who writes long form pieces, provides editorial support, and produces podcast episodes and audio pieces for The Third Eye’s podcast channel Nirantar Radio.
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