Where is Caste? | Jaati Kahaan Hai?

Savarnas don’t know caste—the same way a fish does not know water. When you breathe, see, feel, and thrive within a system, it is difficult to notice it, let alone know it. How does a fish then know water? By starting to know itself, of course.

When Rohan chooses this way to learn about caste, he ends up learning a lot about himself. As Rohan and his friends open up about their experiences of caste, caste moves beyond titles and reservations and starts becoming like water—shape-shifting, yet ever-present. Listen to Rohan in this education edition episode as he looks for caste in his own memories and, in the process, pulls out reflective voices and experiences.

Rohan has participated in the EduLog programme with The Third Eye for its Education Edition. The EduLog mentored 12 writers and image-makers from India, Nepal and Bangladesh to remember—in the present continuous—their experience of education from a feminist lens.

Illustration by Uma Ketha

Podcast Script and Interviews by Rohan

Produced and Edited by Madhuri Adwani

Rohan grew up in Mumbai and started his career with a corporate job. He now works in the development sector and enjoys facilitating discussions and activities on various themes with children and young people. He is involved in studying children’s literature and library spaces as well. Rohan considers himself a foodie. He can often be found exploring new places to eat in Mumbai and listening to people’s stories during these gastronomic journeys.

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