Queer Lives

The Queer Eye

A city gives identity – and anonymity – to its people. But what happens when a city lacks inclusivity? Are all the behaviours and orientations taken into account while designing a city?

Where are you your queer-most self?

Achal Dodia has participated in the Travel Log programme with The Third Eye for its City Edition. This comic is the second of a three part series on looking at spaces through a queer lens.

Queer Homes, Part 2

Like us, perhaps you too find yourself wondering about the division of labour of work at home. Who does it?

queer homes

Queer Homes, Part 1

Does your gender and sexuality change the way you think about housework?

rajam akka

Rajam Akka, Buzzcut

Beyond gender categories, there is the actual living of lives. Srija met Rajam Akka in a chance encounter at a construction site.

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