Volume 003: City

Welcome to Our Imagination

The Adivasi in the City

A reflection on homes, cities and architecture, whose memories they preserve, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar writes a city memoir disguised as a book review, with some critical questions for city planners who plan for the ‘mainstream’, and not for those who build the cities.

Aate Sane Haath

Bolti Kahaniyaan Ep 3: Aate Sane Hath

In the third episode of the series Bolti Kahaniyan, we bring to you the story—Aate Sane Haath. Everyone has the Right to Education, but what difficulties does a girl face in order to complete her education?

gulabi talkies

Sp. Feature: Gulabi Talkies – An Audio Story

When going into the cinema turned into clicking through OTT platforms during the pandemic, we adapted to the 1920 x 1080 screen size and relegated the good ol’ Talkies to nostalgia. But cinema is not only a medium for story-telling, is it? It also stands as a character, bearing witness to a changing city—who enters, who leaves mid-way, and who stays.

Coronavirus and Vaccination: All You Need To Know

After months of the pandemic induced lockdown, our lives are slowly coming back to normal—going out to work, meeting friends and relatives, shopping in stores. How has this become possible? An important factor has been the Covid vaccine.

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