Volume 003: City

Welcome to Our Imagination

Illustrations by Iram Malik

I am a conspiracy theorist of my atiya body.

I am a conspiracy theorist of my atiya body by Kuumpiilei is the third step in the author’s Yaang-Huuk-Uun (YHU) project. It began in 2019 and started with the support of BangaloResidency-Expanded, an initiative of Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore. The author worked with the SouthEast Asian (SEA) community as a resident at Zentralwerk in Dresden.

How Momo Aunties Changed Delhi

At Dolma Aunty Momos, a shop selling momos in central Delhi, crowds of hungry customers push to the front for a plate of dumplings in a day cloaked by deep summer heat. The shop is named after Aunty Dolma, which is the fond nickname for Dolma Tsering, a Tibetan momo chef and vendor, also known around New Delhi as the city’s “first momo aunty”.

Filmy Shehar: Ep 1 Chhota Shehar

Acclaimed filmmaker Avijit Mukul Kishore leads The Third Eye’s flagship online curriculum called Filmy Shehar. In Episode 1, we explore the small city, the B Town, the periurban; a site of deceit, sexual frenzies, gun toting masculinities if we believe our Hindi films.

Filmy Shehar – Chhota Shehar

Acclaimed filmmaker Avijit Mukul Kishore, who is well known for his intimate portraits of people, places and changing urbanisms, leads The Third Eye’s flagship online curriculum called Filmy Shehar. Watch the first masterclass on the Chhota Shehar below.

Mind Map: Darbhanga

The Mind Map accompanies our Travel Log, The Third Eye’s travel fellowship that mentored 13 writers and image-makers from across India’s bylanes to reimagine the idea of the city through a feminist lens.

Life in Twelve

Weaving your way through the clamour of crowds and vehicles, you pass by Mandi Crossing Chowk everyday on your way to work. Eyes glued to the ground, in your rush to get to the other side what all do you see, what slips away- you never have time to pause and think about all this.

Sadness And The Breeze

In an unusual memoriam of the times we live in and the year gone by, Parvati Sharma wonders what our cities may feel, through a conversation between its two inhabitants: Sadness and Breeze.

Volume 003 City

Our latest edition on the City is now live! This edition brings together those that dream of cities, those who live in cities, and those who build cities.

Bolti Kahaniyan: Aate Sane Haath

In the third episode of the series Bolti Kahaniyan, we bring to you the story—Aate Sane Haath. Through this series, Anita brings to us stories from the field. These stories have previously been published in Nirantar’s magazine “Pitara”.

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