Black Box Ep 2: Pandita Ramabai

In this second episode of Black Box, Rizwana Fatima performs the story of Pandita Ramabai, who in her lifetime, saw waves of famine and the bubonic plague.

Pandita Ramabai (born in 1858) was a social reformer who worked extensively for women’s education. This story encapsulates her life experiences during the calamity, where she witnessed tragedy in her family and yet, saved many lives through her relief work and writings.

This episode of Black Box is dedicated to all the volunteers, who during COVID, came out to help and support those in need.

The video series, Black Box invites spoken word artists, performers and theatre practitioners to interpret lesser-known women’s writings, those that offer an alternative history of India.

The Third Eye is being written and developed by a team of educators, documentary filmmakers, storytellers; people with extensive experience of gathering narratives, oral histories and developing contextual pedagogies for the rural and the marginalised.

Watch Black Box Ep. 1 here.

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