Teacher Talks: Season 2. Ep 2

Meet Asnara

Asnara walks to the FACE centre, crossing puddles and also generations of women from her community making and selling beedis. Beedi-making is a common household occupation for women and girls in Pakur, Jharkhand where Asnara lives with her family.

As a first-generation learner, Asnara has done it too, but also much more. Her journey took her through matriculation, intercollege, BA, and then marriage, only for her to realise that that life wasn’t for her. She now says that first-generation learners can be quite foolish because they don’t see the bigger picture. Having become a teacher now, she shares with us her renewed take on learning.

‘Teacher Talks’ is a video series produced by The Third Eye. In its second edition, the series looks away from formal classrooms at teachers who are shaping lives in informal, rural learning centres.

The Third Eye is being written and developed by a team of educators, documentary filmmakers, storytellers; people with extensive experience of gathering narratives, oral histories and developing contextual pedagogies for the rural and the marginalised.

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