Volume 001: Work

Work as a social, political, and intellectual idea, and exploring its history and evolution through a feminist lens.

Nine Long Months

Nine Long Months

What is the difference between a working womb, and a womb that goes to work? TTE in conversation with Surabhi Sharma about her documentary Can We See the Baby Bump Please?

queer homes

Queer Homes, Part 1

Does your gender and sexuality change the way you think about housework?

The Work of A Writer

What does a writer really do?

Three decades ago, Ankur began an experiment in pedagogy with children, young people and communities in several marginalised neighbourhoods of Delhi.

rajam akka

Rajam Akka, Buzzcut

Beyond gender categories, there is the actual living of lives. Srija met Rajam Akka in a chance encounter at a construction site.


The Third Eye introduces a new series inviting poets and artists to interpret each other’s worlds. Vijila Chirappad is a Dalit poet writing in Malayalam.

Homai Vyarawalla

Life in Ten

Sabeena Gadhioke, a filmmaker, writer, photographer and curator spent nine years with Homai Vyarawala, India’s first woman press photographer…

Violence During Lockdown

Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit Ep 1: Gender Based Violence During Lockdown

Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit ? We have heard about the spike in violence at homes, during lockdown. In Ep. 01 of Stay Home, Kitna Surakshit? we meet Sangeeta Rege of CEHAT in Bombay and Rituparna Borah of Nazariya, as they take us through the response systems organizations have had to develop overnight, to help women and queer persons stuck at home with their oppressors.

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